If you live on the Gold Coast, there’s a chance you own a marine vessel of some description. Whether it’s a boat, yacht or Jet Ski, many of us are out on those sparkling waters come Saturday morning. It’s the perfect place to take advantage of owning a Marine Craft, with its great beaches and small islands like Stradbroke around to visit, boat ownership on the Gold Coast is basically a right of passage. However, because the majority of water on the Gold Coast that you might be visiting with your boat is saltwater, there’s also the little problem of working out how to get the best out of your marine detail. If you’re doing it yourself, the best thing to know is the material of the boat you’re working with. If you’ve got an aluminium boat, the use of a marine aluminium cleaner will get you the best results without damaging the surface of your vessel.


Using a scrubbing pad and applying even pressure across the hull will give you the detail necessary to have your boat looking shiny and ready for the next weekend out on the Gold Coast waves. A fibreglass boat calls for protection of the Gel Coat as much as possible, so make sure you’re rinsing off with fresh water where possible and leave the soap for a once-a-month job, as the soap can mean that the wax won’t last as long. The best way to get the most out of your Marine Detailing is to go to the professionals.


The Boat Butler offers professional Gold Coast Marine Detailing and this means you have less time needing to detail your vessel and more time with it out on the Broadwater enjoying all that the Gold Coast waterways have to offer. A professional marine detailing from a company like the Boat Butler ensures that your boat is being looked after, whether aluminium or fibreglass, to the best it can be. So if you’re short on time but want your vessel to last as long as possible, organise a Marine Detailing of your boat with the Boat Butler today.

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